Do you provide childseats?

Yes, child seat is available at no extra cost. Please let us know of your child’s age to arrange for the appropriate seat.


What if my flight is delayed?

You don’t need to worry about that. We track your flight and there is no extra charge for the driver’s waiting time.


Where will i meet the driver and how?

Our driver will wait for you at your exit point holding a sign with your name printed on. Also, just in case, we provide the driver’s mobile number with your booking.


How many passengers fit in one taxi?

According to Greek law, one taxi cab may transfer up to 4 passengers. The price is fixed for a route and does not depent on the number of passengers.


Do you charge for luggage?

There is no extra charge for luggage. However, if you are worried that your luggage will not fit in a classic Mercedes E class vehicle, please let us know in advance.


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